Merish 4 - MIDI File Mp3
Backing Track Player

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MERISH 4 is a backing track player designed for 'ALL' musicians. Solo performers, duo's and trio's using backing tracks can perform and 'react' like a live band! Live bands can 'beef up' their sound by using Merish 4's instrument group control to mute out parts played by the live band and keep brass sections, orchestra and keyboard parts. All this without even editing the backing tracks. Merish 4 even has a click out with count in to make it really easy for drummers to sync in.



MERISH 4 - Quite simply the most advanced backing track player in its class. MERISH 4 is the perfect 'backing band' for solo performers, duo's, trios and bands with a drummer. Play, edit, transpose and tempo change MIDI Files, MP3 files, record your performance, enhance vocals with the 3 voice harmonizer and auto tune your voice using the MIDI Voice Tracker! 

MERISH 4 backing track GIG workstation with 15cm x 9.5cm touch screen and mixer. Merish 4 supports MIDI Files, Mp3 and Mp4 Video with text. Merish 4 includes a powerful digital mixer with 2 mic inputs and effects, harmonizer/voice double tracker and equalizer. Other great features include Audio Recorder, Midi File Editor, expander keyboard or other peripherals. The onboard MIDI sound engine 386 sounds, 46 Drum kits with 480 samples. 

Merish 4 is available worldwide through

MIDI File Backing Tracks

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